yet this highly educational pack will transform average guitar players into Blues guitar gods in only a few hours!


Have you ever downloaded a backing track pack only to find that you have no idea what to play over it? Sure, your pentatonic licks sound great over them, but are you really progressing on the instrument?

HD backing tracks

The pack comes with 10 full length backing tracks recorded, mixed and mastered in a professional recording environment.

Step-by-step videos

Each track comes with HD video lessons teaching you exactly what to do via simple concepts that make you sound like a pro.

Full scale diagrams

All scale positions are included in PDF format so that you always know what to play and how to play it.


Sometimes, it only takes a simple idea to create incredibly engaging and emotional Blues solos. These ideas come in many forms and are often linked to experiences players have. That's why Blues is always associated with feelings.

This course is not your conventional guitar course. Don't expect to learn a bunch of guitar licks or scales. This course is more than that. Think of this course as your personal "idea machine" that will give you the mindset and tools to create your very own emotional solos over 10 professionally recorded backing tracks.

Each of the 10 downloadable backing tracks comes with a high quality instructional video explaining to you the exact concepts and ideas you can use to bring out the most of your playing.

The lessons included are very easy to follow - even if you are not familiar with the scales used in the Blues. Each concept is meticulously explained in a fun and non-overwhelming way.

Your shortcut to playing better Blues today!

What will I learn
  • Scales and arpeggios

  • Exciting phrasing concepts

  • Play much better Blues

Who is this for
  • Players who feel stuck

  • Pentatonic players

  • Players hungry for more

What’s included
  • 10 backing tracks

  • 10 HD video lessons

  • Full charts and diagrams

What’s next
  • Sign up to the course

  • Get instant access

  • Transform your playing

Play Better Blues Today

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David is a player who can teach - I mean REALLY teach. A rare combination to say the least.

Chris Buono - educator

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About your guitar coach...

Hello! My name is David Wallimann. I am a Franco-American instrumental guitar player, I love helping guitar players around the world discover their musical voice on the instrument to tell their personal musical story.

What our students are saying

"The right way to learn the guitar and music simultaneously!"

Gaston Thomas

"The lessons are very helpful. I've learned a lot from them."

Roger Simms

"David has a lot of knowledge and is a great teacher"

Edward Derosia

Play better Blues today!

  • 10 HD backing tracks
  • Step-by-step video guide
  • Detailed scale diagrams

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$69 $47